Sometimes I can hear internal monologue-type voices simulating what it would be like to psychically know how people across the globe are reacting to the things that I've published. It's like hearing a live feed of the kinds of stuff various people would say when stumbling onto something strange on a livestream, either making fun of the stuff or finding something small to like about it. I rationalize that stuff to not be real just based on my stats online but as a hobby I also like to have a bit of fun by messing with those hypothetical people just to see what they might have to say. 

Just the other day I figured I'd add a little bit of steganography here and there to the site where just two days after I made the update I saw SOG make this video:

Now, if anyone's familiar with Muta's deep web series they'd pick up a little on why I got a little paranoid after watching that. I already accept that I'm risking a lot by posting so much personal information online in this format so it is what it is whatever the case. It was probably a coincidence.