A little while back I used to make my art by scribbling on a piece of paper and making a guess as to what the negative space looked like to me. I know it sounds a little pretentious but I got the idea for it after watching a little Salvador Dali documentary that talked about his automatic drawings. That freeform style eventually evolved into something more pattern-oriented when I discovered zentangle art and felt like incorporating it into my work. I still really liked drawing caricature faces though, so I just threw them together into big clusters of patterns and faces.

Sometimes I see those big clusters as big snapshots of an entire community of people at one moment, other times I see them as how a person looks back on a big span of time like a year and sees all the different people they were in a kind of big sensory overload. In a metaphorical way at least. As far as I know I don't have multiple personalities. Wait, who wrote that?

I tried doing three drawings on some spiral notebook paper in my old style.   


It'd be fun to see what it'd look like if I tried doing that style with paint instead of ink on paper. There's no telling how long it'll be until these ones end up getting crumpled somehow.