I'd rather break the ice with telling people I'm a big fraud than risk them finding out later. One of the first links you'll see on my linktr.ee is a 'Merch' button that'll take you to a Redbubble account with zero followers. I like to have it sitting there because it makes me feel legit if I don't think about it too hard. 

All the same applies to the Spotify and iTunes links I throw on there. It's all vanity. Wherever you end up going it'll just be the same files with varying levels of streaming compression unless you feel like downloading them. Some websites just sound better to mention at family dinners and that's the only real difference to me.

By the way, a good chunk of my music you can snag on Bandcamp for free (name your price though) if you want a little pro tip. I've only got something like four albums out anywhere else so that'll be where you'll find the bulk of my stuff anyways. In case you're interested in helping me make more stuff in the future you can toss a few in my Buy Me A Coffee and I'll try to put it to good use.