I'm going to do a little mental exercise here to assume all the hurdles you had to surmount in order to get to this box of text. This is going to get very non-linear very fast so heads up. 

So, lets start off with the various entry points to this website in the first place. I'll refer to 'A1' as the simple entry point of seeing my website listed on neocities, 'B1' as the entry point of seeing a link to my website embedded or mentioned somewhere else by someone else, and 'C1' as entering from my linktr.ee. Just go ahead and jump ahead to whichever one that applies.

A1 - When you click on 'Websites' on Neocities the first pages to show up by default are the ones with the highest viewcount to begin with. My page's viewcount currently rests at 1,431 as of me writing this so that means you would have to be the type of character to enjoy scrolling to the absolute bottom so you can click on page 111 (as of now) to work your way backwards. More power to you. (Jump to B2 or D1) (If no, jump to A2)

A2 - You're an admin. (Jump to B2 or D1)

B1 - Someone who has found this website by some means decided to post it up somewhere available for you to find regardless of their intentions. You somehow weren't satisfied by their description alone and decided you would rather see it for yourself. (Jump to B2 or D1)

B2 - After finding this website you were intrigued enough to post it up somewhere else and in this action you've applied a small sunk cost fallacy to your relationship with reading here. (Jump to D2)

C1 - You became aware of my linktr.ee from either my Bandcamp page or my radio performance and somehow felt like checking in and refreshing the page over the course of months to see if anything had changed. Just recently a button popped up labeled 'Retro Blog' and you figured you'd give it a shot. (Jump to B2 or D) (If no, jump to C2)

C2 - You like playing my game 'Sunflower Bullet Hell' that I made in collaboration with Remtaine and clicked the link inside it to my linktr.ee. Somehow you figured out the simplest way to get to the game is by going to my linktr.ee page and clicking 'Game' but one day you saw a new button labeled 'Retro Blog' on my linktr.ee page and decided you'd give it a shot. (Jump to B2 or D1)

D1 - You clicked the link to this post from the front page on a whim before reading anything else. Hi! (If no, jump to D2 or E1)

D2 - You ended up on the archive and clicked randomly on the link to this post. (If no, jump to D3)

D3 - After ending up on the archive you felt like making a mission out of reading the posts there from bottom to top and this so happened to be something you haven't read yet or wanted to read again. (If no, jump to D4)

D4 - Attempting to make a mission out of reading the posts from bottom to top you got tired partway through and got intrigued by the title of this post. Looks like the thumbnail worked!

E1 - Deciding to check in on this website every now and again you happened to see this post while it was still on the front page. (If no, jump to D2)