While finishing this one up I saw this Pad Chennington video and I saw this producer called Wavekiller and I went to his linktr.ee and thought he was giving a platform for his friends before I connected together that they were all the same person. The spectogram that occurs at the end was originally intended to point out where the next album might be. More frequently than I'd care to admit I'll have a sobering moment of clarity that people might think that project had that as a tagline for one of his projects as a leech on someone else's attention or something. It wasn't intentional. I was just trying to make dream punk 2 8 1 4 inspired stuff but with a little bit of prog influence. Avant Prog? Contemporary Electronic Classical? If I need to say the word quintal harmony to prove to someone that I was thinking about intervals when I was writing I will because I've already been assigned an archetype. 

Anyways go watch Serial Experiments Lain.