Look, I know that the address bar for the bandcamp says 'threetimesmicro' but that was more just to prank people. I wanted to make the thing originally have such an ambiguous pronunciation that it might as well have been what Prince changed his name into but that's a little bit hard to throw into an address bar for a bandcamp page so I picked one pronunciation someone might guess. I personally like to pronounce the name 'micro-chasm' but honestly 'scuba divers in candyland' is just as valid of a pronunciation for all I care. 

At first I released Fi(Fish)sh under the name 'Horribad' but by the time I finished around half of All Roads I decided on the new name and I revamped the whole bandcamp page on the day of release. I guess in a way that makes All Roads the debut and Fi(Fish)sh the really compressed demo album, so that's pretty much how I think about them. I still like some tracks off of Fi(Fish)sh but usually by the halfway mark on even the tracks that I enjoy the novelty fades and I feel like doing something else. 

For just about all of the tracks I've released under this name I used a little exploit I found out after some tinkering to master all the tracks for free. Back in the day this website eMastered would play the full preview of tracks without putting watermarks on anything so I got away with having Audacity record my computer audio through my preamp while it played the preview. I made a little routine every time I was doing finishing touches on a track of running it through up to six or seven times and doing little tweaks to the mix here and there. A lot of the time the differences were subtle but it was definitely worth it to my ears because I didn't trust my headphones and cheap monitor setup to have a full notion of what was going to work on good systems. Can't argue with the price of free.