This name has roots all the way back to when I had a Kongregate account in middleschool. I'd jump into people's roleplay chatrooms while chilling in some flash games to troll people by roleplaying as basically the goat from Goat Simulator. A lot of the time whenever people took the bait they had an awful tendency to gmod and kill me in hilariously edgy ways, so I made it a little cheeky motif to gmod back to life. Dumb middleschooler shit. 

Anyways, come time for highschool I was chilling in a Skype call with some friends and we hatched the idea of going undercover as furries on deviantart. We'd all shitpost and (ideally) somehow convince the community we were legit. After posting as a joke for a little while I started falling into a rhythm enough that I actually started to enjoy posting stuff there as a ritual. Eventually I decided that I'd make that account into a normal art page rather than as a purely shitposting only page. That stuff I segregated to another account. I would have changed the name after doing the whole tonal shift but I just didn't have the means. 

Something I'd like to clarify here and now is that I don't really enjoy making fun of furries as much as I used to. The day I learned that Andrew W.K. had a fursona I figured that it was such a wide net that I was vicariously ridiculing some relatively chill people. I originally got turned on to Captain Beefheart by a furry I met on flockmod who sent me a link to Dachau Blues. That is a sentence that I can say and mean while you probably can't. 

Another thing: My instagram bio joke about manatees being my animal kin was just funny to me because people usually pick traditionally cute things and I was picking a big blob of cement. I resonated with manatees because all they seemed to do was just chill in rivers until boatloads of bullshit strike them. In that sense I like them but I frankly couldn't tell you much more about them than that. Can we stop hitting those things with boats by the way? That's not a very cash money thing to do.