A very rambunchituitous man named Mike Litorus meets a woman named Helen and has with her a highly illiterate and aspergic child who is very interested in the Sonic franchise. One night his kid suffers a traumatic brain injury and decides to open up a deviantart account to profess his love for the Sonic franchise and Mike encourages him to use the platform to spread awareness for the socialist menace. Eventually the child discovers the rapper Eminem and uses his lyrics to learn how to more properly read and write, causing a seismic shift in how he expressed himself from then on. His antics began to tire his father Mike, however, who decided he would rather take opportunistic advantage of his child's following online by stealing his account and emulating his art style to spread his drug fueled anti-socialist agenda. Where beforehand the posts would be plagued by the nonsensical nature of an aspergic child with an active imagination emulating his father they were now sandboxes hosting the drug fueled rampages of a socialist despising ketamine addict. While there's a few more details to glean here and there from things like how Mike enjoys putting a little bit of himself in every character, that's about the gist of what you'd need to get started. 

(The fact all this needs explaining showcases how it was my first ever attempt at this kind of thing. It'll probably render me a little bit cursed for my entire life.)