I felt like making a portmanteau of Syd Barrett and Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan one day but later on I found out that there was already someone out there called Charlemagne so I retired the name. There's still an album out on Spotify under that name called 'Flies On Fire' that I can't really do much about since I posted the thing up with Amuse. That album was fully produced using Audacity and a 4 track field recorder, just like Gas Station Sushi was. After that album I got a little greedy with making stuff I could rap over because it was fun, so I made a mixtape that will absolutely never see the light of day called 'Syd's First Mixtape' with a bunch of forgettable, bloated and overly compressed production. 

Truth be told I hated that mixtape to such an extent that I didn't want to think about Syd Charlemagne as a project ever again. Finding out that there was already someone else named Charlemagne was just the cherry on top that made me just go ahead and re-label Gas Station Sushi and Flies On Fire as Overdubs albums so I could have some peace of mind. You don't want to hear it.