Who can't get jiggy with a little long form deviantart ARG shitposting? I had an observation one day when I saw a bunch of MS Paint OC creations that literally just felt like self insert characters and both thought to myself 'Hey wait a minute...I can do that!' and 'What if some deplorable socialist despising crack fiend jumped on that trend?' and Mike Litorus was born that day. He likes to put a little bit of himself in every one of his characters. They're all very rambunchitudinous. 

The last we've all seen of Mike he was busy producing cocaine in Bolivia. Did he get killed by the locals? Did he get too distracted by using his own supply to remember to post again? There's no telling what happened to the man.

(The hard and fast of it is that once Cactus Pubes got banned out of nowhere I figured that Deviantart was cracking down bigtime on the shitpost community so I just started showing up less and less. It was good while it lasted.) 

Story Summary